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Blog Entry | August 15, 2019

Some Like It Hot

Yowie wowie! I barely made it through the first three when I tried them a couple years back. Here’s hoping I survive all four…

Blog Entry | June 10, 2019


So apparently the new office for the day job has a delivery thing called Foodsby and they let you pick from a list of local places and order ahead. So […]

Blog Entry | April 20, 2019

Judging at Fort Worth Taco Fest 2019

The judging process for the Fort Worth Taco Fest has been intense! I’m stuffed… Tasting notes to come later today.

Blog Entry | October 5, 2018

Breaking News

So apparently I’ll be on channel 8 news at 10 tonight because it’s National Taco Day. Will follow up soon with pics and ratings from today and other recent adventures, […]

Blog Entry | June 8, 2018

🌮 Taco Emoji

Say what you will about Apple, but at least they got the 🌮 Taco Emoji right. The only major emoji provider that went authentic street taco instead of Tex Mex.

Blog Entry | May 11, 2018

Weight gain?

Great blog!! I have been following you for several years now. Have you gained any weight since you started? My weight has stayed steady for a while in the 330s […]

Blog Entry | May 5, 2018

El Fuerte Taco Fest

So excited to be judging at the El Fuerte Taco Fest today here in Fort Worth!

Blog Entry | April 11, 2018

Hello Star-Telegram Readers!

Hello Star-Telegram Readers! Much thanks to Hanaa for the kind words! Readers, what are your favorites?

Blog Entry | May 6, 2017

Fort Worth Taco Fest

I am at the Fort Worth Taco Fest (El Fuerte) and bloated and well fed and tired and very very full.