Mission Statement

I’m Dave, and I’m trying to eat one of every taco in Fort Worth, Texas. Sometimes I eat tacos outside of Fort Worth and catalog them as well.

This is a rapidly-moving goal due to the continuous cycle of new businesses opening and some businesses closing. It’s hard to gauge the true expanse of this endeavor, so I can’t give a realistic percentage of completion or goal/end date.

My ratings are very subjective and reflect my personal tastes and experience. The ratings should not be interpreted as a definitive ranking system or measure of quality.

I do not alter my ratings or revise reviews in exchange for freebies or compensation of any sort. I try to keep a low profile for the most part when trying new tacos to avoid any sense of trying to game a business for a better experience. If offered anything such as comped items, I will save them for a visit where I do not try new items for the blog and/or will amend the post with a disclaimer and will still provide my candid, unfiltered experience of the taco.

I also recognize that as a white person, I lack the depth of historical and cultural knowledge of tacos compared to people in the Mexican community. I also acknowledge that the taco has been culturally-appropriated by Tex-Mex cuisine and now spans a wide variety of cuisines far beyond its roots. Through this journey I hope to support businesses owned by people of color and have a variety of experiences along the way. I am always open to comments, suggestions, corrections, and further education from readers.

David “Taco Dave” Millar