Category: Modern/Fusion

Modern/Fusion | July 2, 2020

#507: Coco Taco at Coco Shrimp

Hawaiian vibes? Surfboard in the rafters? It can only be Coco Shrimp! A member of the Real Fort Worth Foodies Facebook group mentioned they had a taco but no picture […]

Modern/Fusion | March 31, 2020

#488: Pancake Breakfast Tacos at Cafe Brazil

Another pre-outbreak taco experience was at Dallas chain Cafe Brazil’s Deep Ellum location, where I experienced their breakfast pancake tacos. And what an experience they were! Delicious, messy, and a […]

Modern/Fusion | March 11, 2020

#478: Pastrami Breakfast Taco at Sixth and Waller

It took me entirely too long to realize that the namesake for the hotel diner Sixth and Waller… was the street corner it’s situated on. 😑 Located in the East […]

Modern/Fusion | February 22, 2020

#470: Sweet 3 P’s from Velvet Taco

Latest order from Velvet Taco with the homies had this weekly special. Meat was good but the rest was a bit of a letdown.

Modern/Fusion | February 21, 2020

#466: Thai Tacos from Malai Kitchen

Next on my catch-up series is this set of Thai tacos from Malai Kitchen. Steamy and moist, savory and rich flavor was not a problem. The lacking acidity was a […]

Modern/Fusion | November 20, 2019

#454: Sesame Beef Tacos from HelloFresh

For something different, I tried the Hello Fresh meal kit experience and one of my selections was the sesame beef tacos. I’m alright in the kitchen and don’t need too […]