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Recommendations & To-Do | May 25, 2016


Good to see you took my advice 🙂 Indeed! But damn, some of these places have really limited hours!

Recommendations & To-Do | May 25, 2016

Way of Life

This isn’t a taco mission but a way of life. Keep the updates coming. Your wish is my command!

Recommendations & To-Do | May 22, 2016

Expand Your Horizons

Expand your horizons, do something other than torchys and velvet taco. For example when you went to the gas station, that was great. Take a pic of the hole in […]

Recommendations & To-Do | May 8, 2016

Federal Building

I love the webpage. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. Come to the federal building (819 Taylor ST) at fort worth. 7th floor there is a […]

Recommendations & To-Do | May 5, 2016

“Site suggestion…”

Not a taco suggestion but a site suggestion… Allow searching taco submissions so you don’t suggest a duplicate. I’ll see what I can do as far as better tagging and […]

Recommendations & To-Do | May 3, 2016

“Some places not shown on your map…”

Some places not shown on your map: Gloria’s in Montgomery Plaza, El Paseo on the Jacksboro Highway, The Original Mexican Eats Cafe on Camp Bowie, and I believe that Anakaren […]

Recommendations & To-Do | May 2, 2016

Arlington and Bedford

Hey man, Check out Los Jarros and Tu Tacos in Arlington. And El Paisa in Bedford. 10-4, gracias!

Recommendations & To-Do | May 2, 2016

“Just south of I-20”

Taqueria la super sabrosa on Crowley Rd just south of i-20 Added to the map. Thanks!

Recommendations & To-Do | May 2, 2016

Taco Map

I’ve added a Taco Map of the places I have completed, have visited, or have yet to visit. The struggle is real.