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Fast Food | November 14, 2021

#590-591: Del Taco Breakfast

Another couple decent tacos for breakfast from Del Taco. Filling, inexpensive, and they taste like the ingredients they’re made of. Not missing much from the blurry photo.

Fast Food | March 18, 2020

#485: Bacon Breakfast Taco from 7-11

I’m a sucker for convenience and a recent trek out for breakfast yielded this taco that honestly wasn’t terrible. Cheese tasted a bit over-processed but other than that I didn’t […]

Modern/Fusion | April 22, 2019

#371: Bacon-Wrapped Quail from Del Norte

I neglected to take a picture of the taco from Del Norte but honestly it was the same as last time I posted. Great taco, but playing it a bit […]

Modern/Fusion | May 14, 2018

#326: Bacon-Wrapped Quail from Del Norte Tacos

Del Norte Tacos really won me over after having me try another of their tacos: bacon wrapped quail. Fantastic meat and great balance from the tomatoes and green salsa.