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Fast Food | July 6, 2022

#598-599: Jimboy’s Tacos

Aesthetic digs, but the tacos were not aesthetic. They were a weird fast-food ordeal, fried and dredged in parmesan dust. Edible, filling, not terribly interesting, kinda weird in a bad […]

Fast Food | November 14, 2021

#590-591: Del Taco Breakfast

Another couple decent tacos for breakfast from Del Taco. Filling, inexpensive, and they taste like the ingredients they’re made of. Not missing much from the blurry photo.

Authentic & Street Tacos | November 11, 2021

#568-569: Bad Spanish Tacos’ Last Stand

…in Texas. Billy from Bad Spanish Tacos headed northward and had one last hurrah at Division Brewing. Four tacos. One night. Hugs, beer, and trivia. The spaghetti squash and hominy […]

Modern/Fusion | January 24, 2021

#532-534: Velvet Taco Menu Updates

I set out recently to hit up a Saturday morning Bad Spanish popup, but showed up after Billy sold out. So instead I popped over to Velvet Taco and snagged […]

Fast Food | January 10, 2021

#530 & 531: Breakfast Tacos from Love’s

The location I went to was near Rhome, a little northwest of Fort Worth, but I assume many of the locations carry the same breakfast tacos. I was pleasantly surprised […]

Authentic & Street Tacos | January 9, 2021

#527-529: Taqueria Taxco and Tu Taco

A few weeks ago I found myself craving tacos and driving, so I ended up making my way to Arlington to try a couple spots that were open a bit […]

Modern/Fusion | November 20, 2019

#454: Sesame Beef Tacos from HelloFresh

For something different, I tried the Hello Fresh meal kit experience and one of my selections was the sesame beef tacos. I’m alright in the kitchen and don’t need too […]

Fast Food | September 9, 2019

#446-447: Ground Beef & Beyond Meat at Taco Cabana

Today was the “Battle of Beyond” where I tried traditional ground beef side by side with Beyond Meat at Taco Cabana. Both were pretty average; I couldn’t tell the difference […]