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Modern/Fusion | May 14, 2018

#326: Bacon-Wrapped Quail from Del Norte Tacos

Del Norte Tacos really won me over after having me try another of their tacos: bacon wrapped quail. Fantastic meat and great balance from the tomatoes and green salsa.

Modern/Fusion | May 14, 2018

#324: Cheeseburger from Hecho

I didn’t get a chance to photograph this taco before tossing it. Maybe some day I’ll give it another try, but after eating twelve other tacos, Velveeta and pickle was […]

Modern/Fusion | May 6, 2018

#316: Carnitas from Reservoir

Reservoir had an excellent five-star worthy shredded carnitas taco said to be based on flavors of southern Mexico iirc.

Modern/Fusion | May 5, 2018

#315: Pastor from Wild Salsa

Wild Salsa had a different take on pastor that I enjoyed quite a bit. Very whimsical presentation.

Authentic & Street Tacos | May 5, 2018

#314: Chicken Tacos from Chica’s Tacos

I had the chicken taco from Chicas Tacos. It wasn’t bad but wasn’t really special either. If I didn’t eat so many other tacos I’d have tried her other options…

Blog Entry | May 5, 2018

El Fuerte Taco Fest

So excited to be judging at the El Fuerte Taco Fest today here in Fort Worth!