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Authentic & Street Tacos | May 2, 2020

#491-492: Pulpo & Pastor at Revolver Taco Lounge

One of my last taco experiences in Dallas before the outbreak was Revolver Taco Lounge. Despite occupying the tiniest space I can imagine outside of a truck, Revolver Taco Lounge […]

Modern/Fusion | March 31, 2020

#488: Pancake Breakfast Tacos at Cafe Brazil

Another pre-outbreak taco experience was at Dallas chain Cafe Brazil’s Deep Ellum location, where I experienced their breakfast pancake tacos. And what an experience they were! Delicious, messy, and a […]

Modern/Fusion | October 2, 2019

#450: Camaron Al Pesto from Tacos Mariachi

Throwback to a visit to Tacos Mariachi in Dallas a couple weeks ago. The chicken pastor is a must-have but this time I also tried the Camaron Al Pesto. Not […]

Authentic & Street Tacos | September 19, 2019

#449: Pastor Trompo at La Cocinita

This little taqueria South of Dallas was tucked in with a tire shop. Nearly missed it due to the low-key nature of it. They had pretty good pastor done trompo […]

Tex-Mex | June 24, 2019

#425: Asada from Gators/Fooda

My employers have this service called Fooda come to the office daily and do a ‘pop-up’ restaurant of a local restaurant’s wares. Today they had food from Dallas eatery Gators, […]

Tex-Mex | January 6, 2017

#200: Shredded Chicken at Fuzzy’s

Number 200 was technically in Dallas, but I’m sure it’s consistent between Fuzzy’s locations. Had it the night of my favorite rapper’s show. Check out Sims from Doomtree and his […]