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Authentic & Street Tacos | June 22, 2022

#595-597: La Holly in Austin

Earlier this year, I spent a long weekend in Austin with my homie Eli and some new comrades competing in the MIT Mystery Hunt. The night before the hunt began, […]

Modern/Fusion | November 12, 2021

#580-582: Back to Velvet Taco

When getting dinner with my ride or die crew, they tend to like Velvet Taco pretty good, so we ended up ordering in on our last hangout night. The chicken […]

Fast Food | April 18, 2021

#543: Fish Taco at Pacific Park

I’ve taken a post-vaccination vacation to Los Angeles. In a stunning display of poor judgment, my first taco of the trip was this $6 basic af fried fish taco from […]

Authentic & Street Tacos | March 11, 2020

#479-481: Calamari, Fish, and Avocado at Rosario

My last few tacos in Austin were from the truck Rosarito. The trio were an interesting set of fried foods, with the avocado being the most interesting and appealing to […]

Modern/Fusion | June 15, 2019

#415-416: Seared Swordfish & Lobster at BarTaco

Did you know that Westbend In Fort Worth is only about 6km from Tokyo? Bartaco’s Seared Swordfish is okay, if a bit heavy handed on tart and sour flavors. The […]

Modern/Fusion | June 3, 2019

#400-401: Roasted Duck & Baja Fish at BarTaco

Taco number 400 (and 401) eaten! I stopped in for my first visit at Bartaco to give their menu a spin. Both tacos I tried were waitress-recommended and they were […]

Merch & Lifestyle | October 4, 2017

Fish Taco Stickers

Hey new friends! (And old friends!) If you want to support my taco adventures, pick up a few of my Fish Taco stickers at https://store.davegoesthedistance.com/products/fish-taco-stickers and use the code TACODAVE10 […]