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Authentic & Street Tacos | June 21, 2020

#506: Birria at Birrieria & Taqueria Cortez

Birrieria & Taqueria Cortez is one of two local trucks that sprang up and into popularity recently in Fort Worth. Even just after opening for the day, they quickly gathered […]

Authentic & Street Tacos | June 7, 2020

#500: The Mariachi w/ Pastor at Mariachi’s Dine-In

For taco 500 I had to go with a taco I knew would be good. Mariachi’s Dine-In has phenomenal pastor and what could be better than a ridiculously overloaded version […]

Authentic & Street Tacos | May 4, 2020

#498-499: Pastor & Asada Vegano at Mariachi’s Dine-In

I braved the wicked hellscape that is outside my apartment to grab tacos from Mariachi’s Dine-In. I’ve heard great things about this little place crammed inside a gas station for […]

Authentic & Street Tacos | May 2, 2020

#494: Dirty Chicken Tacos from Bad Spanish Tacos

You know who’s really killing it with the delivery and pop-up game right now? Bad Spanish Tacos. I can’t open Instagram without seeing them post about a delivery deal or […]

Modern/Fusion | April 22, 2019

#371: Bacon-Wrapped Quail from Del Norte

I neglected to take a picture of the taco from Del Norte but honestly it was the same as last time I posted. Great taco, but playing it a bit […]