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Modern/Fusion | March 23, 2017

#226: Vindaloo Flank & Hemp at Velvet Taco

People look at me crazy when I say the best* Indian food in Fort Worth is at a taco joint, but Velvet Taco is good at bringing the flavor and […]

Fast Food | August 13, 2016

#174-177: Taco Bueno

Fast food ends the first chapter of my taco quest, and stars the second. 177 tacos down.

Modern/Fusion | July 13, 2016

#163-165: Velvet Taco, Melt, and Cristina’s

This has been a week off very different tacos. Melt is always a treat. Cristina’s has a very nice twist on the shrimp taco. And Velvet Taco had a low […]