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Authentic & Street Tacos | June 22, 2019

#424: Barbacoa at Taqueria el Michoacano

Saw this taqueria on the way out of the recycling center this morning and gave their barbacoa a shot. Good take on a solid classic. Tender and earthy.

Authentic & Street Tacos | September 21, 2017

#239-240: Pastor at Tacos Don Miguel and Tacos Don Pedro

It was the battle of the Dons pitting two taquerias’ pastor tacos assassin’s each other. Don Pedro, with the classic pastor flavor and pickled vegetables just barely beat Don Miguel, […]

Blog Entry | December 13, 2016

Paper Shit

A quick reminder: don’t bring your paper shit to Taqueria Rio Grande. They will call 911. Also F/U. (Food pics and log entry to follow!)