Blog Entry | June 8, 2018

🌮 Taco Emoji

Say what you will about Apple, but at least they got the 🌮 Taco Emoji right. The only major emoji provider that went authentic street taco instead of Tex Mex.

Blog Entry | April 11, 2018

Hello Star-Telegram Readers!

Hello Star-Telegram Readers! Much thanks to Hanaa for the kind words! Readers, what are your favorites?

Merch & Lifestyle | October 4, 2017

Fish Taco Stickers

Hey new friends! (And old friends!) If you want to support my taco adventures, pick up a few of my Fish Taco stickers at and use the code TACODAVE10 […]

Blog Entry | June 2, 2016

The Vibe — Fishbowl Radio Network

The Vibe — Fishbowl Radio Network Tomorrow I’m talking tacos with The Vibe. Catch it on the Fishbowl Radio Network’s red bowl stream at from 6-7 PM Central Thursday night!

Merch & Lifestyle | May 6, 2016

Full Taco

Crudbump – Full Taco [Explicit] There is fairly good potential that I may go full taco this weekend…

Recommendations & To-Do | May 2, 2016

Taco Map

I’ve added a Taco Map of the places I have completed, have visited, or have yet to visit. The struggle is real.