#376-377: The State Fair & Al Pastor at Austin City Taco Co.

Taco Dave

Taco Dave

Stopped by the new Austin City Taco Co in the “cultural district” today. Is that what we’re calling the gentrified chunk of University where The Grotto used to be?

Not gonna lie, the sauce bottles and decor are mad cute. Need to see if they’re available for sale or purely labeled for decorative effect.

These were some solid fancy tacos. I was in the 3.5 star range for both. Well built flavor with a lot of smokiness in both the bacon jam on the State Fair and the pork in the pastor. The firm fresh pineapple threw me for a loop in the latter; seems like there should be more of it or it should be grated or something to give more surface area than the cubes they used.

All in all, I recommend stopping in for a bite. I’m not sure the hefty price tag is quite warranted if you were to get them delivered, though.

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