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#461-463: Double Stack Tacos at Taco Bell

Taco Dave

Taco Dave

Taco Bell has brought back their double stack tacos in a trio of flavors that I had to try.

The nacho crunch version brought a lot of textural interest to the table, which helped make up for the standard nacho cheese and beef flavor being kinda boring. Probably a good option for kids or folks that don’t like flavor.

The Chipotle cheddar edition was very flavorful and brought smokiness and that sharp cheddar tanginess that I like. It’s a bit spicy and lingers long enough to leave a lasting good impression.

I really loved how much the garlic flavor stood out in the reaper ranch edition. The spiciness was pretty intense and really lingered, but the brightness in the sauce and the funk from the garlic balanced it out and made for a good experience.

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