#511: Steak Street Tacos at El Fenix

Taco Dave

Taco Dave

I had admittedly low expectations going into El Fenix. The menu and exterior of the restaurant gave me that typical Tex-Mex, diluted, bland vibes that I got a lot from Mexican restaurants in the frigid northlands.

The first sign things were going to go well was a kitty greeting me near the front door. Yay kitty!

Everything was actually really good! The steak was really tender and simply seasoned. It didn’t have any chewy, caramelized bits but that let more of the beefy flavor show through. I was afraid the lack of limes would be a problem but the molcajete sauce did wonders to bring brightness and flavor to the tacos. Along with the charro beans, it was a great and inexpensive meal.

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