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#512-513: Butter Chicken and Smoked Steak from Bad Spanish Tacos

Taco Dave

Taco Dave

Excuse my cluttered table! The recent surge in COVID-19 cases here in Texas has closed bars and breweries again – an inconvenient but totally needed measure. In lieu of pop-ups, Bad Spanish Tacos is doing taco kit deliveries again and I snagged two six-packs.

Working on my plating technique.

I admittedly jumped to an incorrect conclusion, thinking that the butter chicken tacos would be something like an Indian fusion taco akin to the dish of the same name. In reality, the tacos were a simple but flavorful shredded chicken, moist and with a buttery flavor. It served as a good neutral base for the selection of inclusion that came with the kit.

Steak on the left, chicken on the right.

The smoked steak was as described – smoky, tender, a bit of tooth to it but not chewy, smoky but not bitter. The salsa verde accompanying the kit was a perfect, mild and bright addition to the meat. The tart pickled radish and spicy pickled mango bits added extra depth and a bit of kick to round out the experience.

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