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#519-520: Pastor & Barbacoa from Mr. Taqueria Ramirez

Taco Dave

Taco Dave

Mr. Taqueria Ramirez popped onto my radar from the Real Foodies of Fort Worth Facebook group, and tonight I made my way up to River Oaks to give them a try.

The pastor was made with ground pork and sported a bit of the fiery red color one expects. Served with sauteed onions and a bit of cilantro on double corn tortillas, they were sturdy and flavorful tacos, with the lime juice bringing out just the right amount of brightness in them.

The barbacoa was similarly well-constructed and featured meaty, simply seasoned beef flavor. The reddish orange salsa was a bit confusingly sweet and smelled a bit fermented, and didn’t do much for me. The green salsa gave a welcomed boost to the heat and acidity that the barbacoa lacked on its own.

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