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#521: Tacos Pastor/Mixto? from Taqueria San Luis (28th)

Taco Dave

Taco Dave

I stopped in at Taqueria San Luis to grab some tacos on the way home from the recycling center. It’s a quiet little place on 28th with a bakery sharing the other half of the building. I ordered the tacos orden mixto, which the menu described as one of each of their four tacos: asada, pastor, barbacoa, and chicken. Upon arriving home, though, all four tacos had the reddish hue of achiote typical of pastor, and the meat looked fairly consistent throughout, so I’m not sure if they’re all pastor or all a combination of the four meats.

The filling was tender with lots of chewy little caramelized bits, and well-seasoned with a mild kick of spice, if a bit dry. It generously filled all four sets of double corn tortillas and was accompanied by plenty of cilantro and onion to top it. Two desperately-needed limes were also provided, but weren’t enough to add the zip and brightness I was looking for. The accompanied salsas were good in their own right. The classic salsa roja was comfortingly earthy and mellow, and the avocado salsa was creamy but bright and spicy.

All in all, pretty decent tacos for the price. I’d feel safe recommending the pastor if one were visiting or ordering from Taqueria San Luis. Other than that, sticking to one type of taco might be for the best, as a few other online reviews seem to indicate that the order miscommunication may not be a one-off thing.

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