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#522-523: Barbacoa & Pastor from Carniceria y Taqueria Dos Hermanos

Taco Dave

Taco Dave

I’ve been avoiding this place in my neighborhood for a while because of an embarrassing thing that happened shortly after I moved to Texas. I was looking to source pork belly to try making my own bacon. Not knowing enough Spanish at the time, I used Google Translate to attempt to purchase some. I got a weird look, but the employee went into the back freezer, took something out, wrapped it up, and made the sale. It wasn’t until I got home that I found out what I really purchased: pig stomach. I felt really stupid and wasn’t an adventurous-enough cook/eater at the time to try making anything with it before freezer burn claimed it. Alas.

250+ days into a DuoLingo streak and I was confident enough to order tacos mostly in Spanish at Dos Hermanos today. Dos tacos de pastor y dos tacos de barbacoa, con todo. Corn. I mean maíz. Yes. Sí! Como se dice “to-go”?

Both types of taco topped with plenty of cilantro and onion and a mild-medium green salsa on the side that added tartness and brightness. The barbacoa was meaty, a little bit sweet, and fall-apart tender, making it a quick and filling bite. The pastor was even better: earthy and well-seasoned but not very spicy. A bit of savory-sweetness with lingering fruit notes from the lime juice and a hint of pineapple, albeit with no chunks of the fruit to be seen. Tender meat with a bit of chew to the darker outside bits. Definitely high-ranking on my favorites list.

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