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#524: Pastor from Lucita’s Mexican Cocina

Taco Dave

Taco Dave

Gotta love folks that have fun with what they do. When I called to place my order, the greeting was something like this:

Male voice: “Lucita’s Mexican Cocina”

Female voice: “Lucita’s Mexican Cocina”

Male voice: “Beat you to it!”

Fast forward twenty minutes later and I was picking up my order at the restaurant, tucked neatly into a walled lot across from Town Talk.

The pastor was citrusy and flavorful, with very little heat. A bit of salt helped the flavors shine a bit more. I was a bit worried about the single tortillas, but they sturdily held up to the filling just fine. Overall a pretty decent set of tacos.

This was another social distante taco meet with my friend Jessica, who got a breakfast plate and some of the breads on offer at Lucita’s. Her over easy eggs were perfect and she’s raving about the carrot apple bread. Overall, Lucita’s is definitely worth a visit for solid, well-executed food made from the heart.

Photo by Jessica Jones
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