#552-554: Lanea in Santa Monica

Taco Dave

Taco Dave

On my last trip to Los Angeles, one of the highlights was Lanea. I’m a sucker for wordplay with letter blocks and trendy decor, but on top of that they had great drinks, tacos, and friendly and helpful staff.

The barbacoa was a bit on the elevated basic side, with ingredients that were all fresh and sharply defined, shining on their own but balancing together to form the whole.

The Cecina was meaty, peppery, and bold. The richness was there, but again balanced by the seasoning andtoppings.

My favorite of the three was the camarón con mango. Lanea definitely hit the mark with fresh shrimp, but my palate was also delighted with the firm and toothy fresh mango. The taco as a whole was sweet wiggly being overly so. Definitely a highlight.

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