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#573-574: CRojo’s in Tyler, TX

Taco Dave

Taco Dave

East Texas is notoriously home to cryptozoology’s favorite beast: Bigfoot. But it is also home to the taco world’s own beast: Taco Breath.

Mike “Taco Breath” Durbin is a veteran taco enthusiast with deep knowledge of the Dallas taco scene. He also happened to cross paths with me in a stationery group on Facebook. When I headed toward his home turf, we had to meet up so he could take me to his favorite spot in Tyler.

CRojo’s is a spot just off of I-20 on the edge of town slinging tacos that range from traditional to island inspired and veggie-centric as well.

The trompo had great depth of flavor with the warm and earthy spices and nice big chunks of pineapple. The calamari was a bit greasy but that was offset by the slaw and lime juice to make for a good overall experience. I also got one of their Brussels sprout tacos to try, but ran out of room and it didn’t fare well on the drive home. Next time…

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