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Fast Food | November 14, 2021

#590-591: Del Taco Breakfast

Another couple decent tacos for breakfast from Del Taco. Filling, inexpensive, and they taste like the ingredients they’re made of. Not missing much from the blurry photo.

Fast Food | November 13, 2021

#587: Double Cheese Egg and Cheese at Del Taco

I haven’t had Del Taco since their last Fort Worth location closed, so this morning while waiting to transfer buses I stopped in for breakfast. The egg and cheese double […]

Fast Food | January 10, 2021

#530 & 531: Breakfast Tacos from Love’s

The location I went to was near Rhome, a little northwest of Fort Worth, but I assume many of the locations carry the same breakfast tacos. I was pleasantly surprised […]

Modern/Fusion | March 31, 2020

#488: Pancake Breakfast Tacos at Cafe Brazil

Another pre-outbreak taco experience was at Dallas chain Cafe Brazil’s Deep Ellum location, where I experienced their breakfast pancake tacos. And what an experience they were! Delicious, messy, and a […]

Fast Food | March 18, 2020

#485: Bacon Breakfast Taco from 7-11

I’m a sucker for convenience and a recent trek out for breakfast yielded this taco that honestly wasn’t terrible. Cheese tasted a bit over-processed but other than that I didn’t […]

Modern/Fusion | March 11, 2020

#478: Pastrami Breakfast Taco at Sixth and Waller

It took me entirely too long to realize that the namesake for the hotel diner Sixth and Waller… was the street corner it’s situated on. 😑 Located in the East […]