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Tex-Mex | August 14, 2022

#604: Brisket Tacos at Cotton Patch Cafe

It’s rare that a chain restaurant has especially noteworthy tacos, and this was no exception. Decent but lackluster brisket and average accompaniments.

Tex-Mex | February 25, 2022

#594: Brisket Tacos at Alma Smokehouse BBQ

Late last fall, I found myself in Alma, TX fortuitously crossing paths with my friend Niki, a long haul truck driver, their stopping point for the night being along my […]

Tex-Mex | August 8, 2019

#441: Brisket Taco at Anamia’s

The brisket taco plate at Anamia’s in Coppell has a good sampling of flavors. The taco didn’t stand well on its own, being greasy and having a one-dimensional sauce with […]

Authentic & Street Tacos | July 6, 2019

#427-428: Pastor & Brisket from Lulu’s Tacos

REDDER THAN A WARNING LIGHT! Lulu’s Tacos were pretty decent, and the achiote used to brighten up that ground pork pastor was INTENSE. Salt and green salsa were a must […]

Tex-Mex | June 15, 2019

#413: Brisket from Fat Cow BBQ

Yesterday’s lunch was a diy affair from Fat Cow BBQ in Lewisville. Great smoky brisket and nice steamy flour tortillas, but very small amount of onions and pickles, so nothing […]

Blog Entry | June 10, 2019


So apparently the new office for the day job has a delivery thing called Foodsby and they let you pick from a list of local places and order ahead. So […]