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Blog Entry | August 15, 2019

Some Like It Hot

Yowie wowie! I barely made it through the first three when I tried them a couple years back. Here’s hoping I survive all four…

Authentic & Street Tacos | June 15, 2019

#414: Pastor at Ale Taco

If the trompo didn’t get you then maybe the close up will. After work I decided to try more Lewisville tacos and wait out the insane DFW traffic before going […]

Tex-Mex | June 15, 2019

#413: Brisket from Fat Cow BBQ

Yesterday’s lunch was a diy affair from Fat Cow BBQ in Lewisville. Great smoky brisket and nice steamy flour tortillas, but very small amount of onions and pickles, so nothing […]

Modern/Fusion | May 14, 2019

#383: Ahi Tuna at Cantina Laredo

Friday on my way to Minneapolis/St. Paul, I had a little taco excursion before my flight. Cantina Laredo had a fantastic Ahi Tuna taco that utilized bold ginger and pickled […]