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Modern/Fusion | April 14, 2021

#535: BBQ Ranch Pork from Velvet Taco

Earlier in the pandemic, I grabbed this taco from Velvet Taco with my friend Trista before a mini road trip. Not too shabby but nothing to write home about.

Modern/Fusion | January 24, 2021

#532-534: Velvet Taco Menu Updates

I set out recently to hit up a Saturday morning Bad Spanish popup, but showed up after Billy sold out. So instead I popped over to Velvet Taco and snagged […]

Modern/Fusion | July 4, 2020

#508: Cochinita Pibil Tacos at HG Sply Co

Met up with a work friend at HG Sply Co for socially distanced drinks, dinner, and catching up on life. These tacos were a decent play on a BBQ pulled […]

Modern/Fusion | February 22, 2020

#470: Sweet 3 P’s from Velvet Taco

Latest order from Velvet Taco with the homies had this weekly special. Meat was good but the rest was a bit of a letdown.

Modern/Fusion | June 11, 2019

#411: OMG Pork at OMG Taco

OMG Tacos is dishing out the spicy fusion! The OMG Pork has a sweet and spicy explosion right out the gate. Once you get used to the heat, the bright […]