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#525-526: Calabasa Squash w/ Portobello & Pork Belly from Bad Spanish Tacos

Taco Dave

Taco Dave

Today’s taco adventure took me across Fort Worth to Bedford’s Turning Point Beer, a local brewery that routinely plays host to Bad Spanish Tacos, and is currently open to pick up their beers to-go . I snagged four-packs of two of their sours to go with dinner. Both tacos paired well with the can of Turning Point Beer’s African Dream Pop (boysenberry and raspberry edition). I’m raising a can to Turning Point and Bad Spanish and hope locals help keep them running despite the pandemic.

The veggie tacos were lightly smoky without being overbearingly so. The mild squash was light and was accented well by a squeeze of lime juice. The earthy mushrooms offered a good counterpoint, and the carrot shreds offered a subtle sweetness. The red salsa added the missing heat to the equation and worked well with the other light flavors. The only downside was some of the squash seeds were tougher than expected.

The smoky pork belly was simple, rich, and tender. The green salsa and lime juice added a great counterpoint to the pork. Some of the veggie taco bits spilled over and worked magic together with the pork belly, too.

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