Tag: Velvet Taco

Modern/Fusion | November 12, 2021

#580-582: Back to Velvet Taco

When getting dinner with my ride or die crew, they tend to like Velvet Taco pretty good, so we ended up ordering in on our last hangout night. The chicken […]

Modern/Fusion | April 14, 2021

#535: BBQ Ranch Pork from Velvet Taco

Earlier in the pandemic, I grabbed this taco from Velvet Taco with my friend Trista before a mini road trip. Not too shabby but nothing to write home about.

Modern/Fusion | January 24, 2021

#532-534: Velvet Taco Menu Updates

I set out recently to hit up a Saturday morning Bad Spanish popup, but showed up after Billy sold out. So instead I popped over to Velvet Taco and snagged […]

Modern/Fusion | February 22, 2020

#470: Sweet 3 P’s from Velvet Taco

Latest order from Velvet Taco with the homies had this weekly special. Meat was good but the rest was a bit of a letdown.

Modern/Fusion | August 12, 2019

#443: Tomato Chicken Pesto

I stopped in at Velvet Taco to snag their weekly taco and was kinda disappointed. I’m big into basil and pesto sounds great, but the execution was way salty and […]

Modern/Fusion | June 8, 2019

#410: Dungeness Crab Cake at Velvet Taco

Went to Velvet Taco for some birthday cake and snagged the weekly while I was there. They have this habit of combining their signature slaw and pickled Fresno peppers with […]