#386-387: Lamb Shakshuka and Korean Pork at Velvet Taco

Taco Dave

Taco Dave

Today I decided to take the bus to West 7th for lunch at Velvet Taco. It was nice not having to fight for parking spaces.

Velvet is back on their bullshit, changing the menu again just like every other time I think I’ve completed it. I got the new number 9 and the Weekly.

The weekly was a bit dry. I saw a video of someone making shakshuka recently and had it once in Portland. Both of those emphasized tomato sauce, but this has virtually no tomato flavor at all. It was like a salty hash with an egg on top. Meh.

The number 9 was good. I didn’t get much kimchi funk but I got a lot of sweet heat and really enjoyed the juicy pork. The tortilla was struggling but held together ok. Good taco.

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