#148-152: Tacos in Los Angeles and Fort Worth

Taco Dave

Taco Dave

Baja Tacos at Sun Cafe in Los Angeles/North Hollywood
Kaarage Chicken at Velvet Taco
Tiki Taco at Aymanara Taqueria

Catching up on recent adventures. Had a few out of town tacos…

Update 7/3/2020: At the time of the original post I couldn’t mention this. The ‘Beef Quesadilla Taco’ at ‘Juan-2-3 Quesadillas’ in Los Angeles was part of some B-reel footage for the FOX competition show Superhuman. Sadly that footage never made it to the show, but it was a fun and awkward moment having a video camera up in my face as I was eating a taco the size of a small child. Anyway, that’s why there’s no photo of that one, not my forgetfulness as with other blog entries.
The vegan tacos were from dining out with a couple contestants that ended up on other episodes that wanted to grab dinner after getting to the hotel.

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