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#517-518: Birria de Res y Birria Vegano from Mariachi’s Dine In

Taco Dave

Taco Dave

Last night I met up with Jessica and Dustin for some socially distant dinner and hangout time at the Trinity Trails trailhead near Mariachi’s Dine In. They previously impressed me with their pastor. With birria making an appearance on the menu, we knew we had to stop in.

Birria Vegana

The birria vegano used jackfruit as it’s meat substitute. The texture was a lot closer to shredded meat than I expected from previous attempts at using jackfruit for BBQ with friends. Along with the melty cheese substitute that crisped up in some key areas, the tacos overall had a great combination of crispy and creamy texture. The consommé was a bit of a letdown; it had some vague savory notes but lacked salt. Better results came from using the green salsa with the tacos instead.

The birria de res was a much more hearty and pronounced experience than the vegan edition. The beef really exuded a classic “corned beef” type flavor and the browned bits of cheese on the edges gave a significant crunch. The consommé with the beef tacos was also lacking seasoning but felt maybe a hair more adequate for the tacos — but that may have just been the tacos themselves. Still, they were great tacos and just with the salsas and onions and cilantro they were delicious.

Birria de Res

Mariachi’s Dine In mentioned on social media that they’re intending to keep birria on special through the end of July, so definitely check them out. They take orders by phone and text as well, and even in-store their line was much more reasonable than some of the recent experiences I’ve had with taco trucks. Definitely worth trying.

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