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Authentic & Street Tacos | February 25, 2022

#593: Holy Tacos from Holy Taco Fields

Holy Taco Fields: nice branding, good queso, good margarita, but the tacos were kinda meh. The tortillas stick to the paper pretty bad. Normally I’d give that a pass of […]

Authentic & Street Tacos | November 12, 2021

#584-585: Pastor and Birria at Taco Libre

Just a stone’s throw from Santa Monica Pier, Taco Libre is a small shop Servín big flavor. The birria was ridiculously juicy and flavorful, somehow managing to retain the soupy […]

Authentic & Street Tacos | November 12, 2021

#583: Birria Tacos at Lanea in Santa Monica, CA

I’m back in the greater Los Angeles area for a little getaway, and after catching up on my posting backlog, I’m back making new log entries one bite at a […]

Authentic & Street Tacos | November 11, 2021

#566-567: Pastor and Birria from Taqueria Cuautehmoc

I recently decided to try the newest taco experience to move into the gas station around the block from my apartment. The birria quesatacos were phenomenal. Melted cheese and soft […]

Authentic & Street Tacos | September 23, 2021

#548: Birria from LA Auténtica Birria

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No… it’s a truck — LA Auténtica Birria to be precise! This truck’s birria was highly recommended to my friend Jim of Krazydad fame, […]

Authentic & Street Tacos | June 21, 2020

#506: Birria at Birrieria & Taqueria Cortez

Birrieria & Taqueria Cortez is one of two local trucks that sprang up and into popularity recently in Fort Worth. Even just after opening for the day, they quickly gathered […]