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#561-563: Tacos El Gordo in Las Vegas

Taco Dave

Taco Dave

I am perfectly content to say that Tacos El Gordo is a magical taco wonderland.

Nine or so lines of options packed with flavor: check.

Trompo money shot: check.

Closeups with the asada and chorizo: check.

Beautiful striping effect from the freshly sliced trompo: check! I mean LOOK AT IT!!!

I’m told Tacos El Gordo is a brand popularized in Tijuana and features a few stateside locations. Of all folks I asked for Las Vegas taco recommendations, this was the most often suggested.

I went with the pastor, asada, and chorizo for my tacos. Everything was superbly seasoned and very, very fresh — it had to be, given that everything was made in full view of the customer lines. The asada was smoky and tender, the chorizo lightly spiced, and the pastor from the trompo was everything: chewy, earthy, tender, spiced. Definitely a highlight of my trip.

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