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Authentic & Street Tacos | April 12, 2022

#605: Beef Trompo at Tacos Del Julio

Last spring, I spent some time traveling in Las Vegas and the San Francisco Bay Area and neglected to post those experiences until now. Tacos Del Julio is a visually […]

Authentic & Street Tacos | November 11, 2021

#561-563: Tacos El Gordo in Las Vegas

I am perfectly content to say that Tacos El Gordo is a magical taco wonderland. Nine or so lines of options packed with flavor: check. Trompo money shot: check. Closeups […]

Authentic & Street Tacos | November 11, 2021

#559-560: Taco Papi in Las Vegas

When you hear “Las Vegas”, one of the things that comes to mind is the wide array of culinary experiences. Granted, Taco Papi was nestled in a little food court […]